3D Software Library Implementing Algorithms For Sell


3D Software Library Implementing Algorithms can be used either 3D Modeling or CAD/CAM , INDUSTRY.

GMT is a high sophisticated library which offers complex algorithms to address problem „filling npatches“. Following approaches can be used to attack this problem:

1. by Subdivision Surfaces 2. by FreeForm Splines 3. a combination of both

Worldwide there are maybe 5 universities doing research on this topic. The most 3 important is University of Florida (Joerg Peters), University of Darmstadt (Ulrich Reif, Germany) and University of Karlsruhe (Hartmut Prautsch). The number of researches world wide: 1. Researchers ( 10-20) 2. Analysts who understand the results of the research and do implementation and analyse subdivision algorithms ( 100-200) 3. Engineers, Artists etc. > 2000 ( users )

However, the software is not a product you buy in a store. It is a library containing high sophisticated algorithms. The target are not engineers or artist`s, target are rather universities who are interested in getting into this topic fast and want to continue their research. Also government could be interested in this technology. Source Code is in the package included. After they purchased the library they will also get the full source code delivered and it is to them free to change and extend it ! When necessary, I will provide my full support so customer will be able to understand this software package.

Here some links about subdivision surfaces:

This is a Wiki document about the Catmull Clark algorithm https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subdivision_surface

This link is an introduction into the topic http://www.holmes3d.net/graphics/subdivision/?graphics/subdivision

This as link to a document which explains the mathematics behind subdivision surfaces http://www.mrl.nyu.edu/publications/subdiv-course2000/


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