Little Red Hiding Hood.

  There was once a pretty little girl who lived in a cottage on the edge of a wood. Her grandmother, who lived at the other side of the wood, had made her a warm red cape with a hood and, as she often wore it, she became known as Little Red Riding Hood.
  One day her mother called her and said, "Little Red Riding Hood, will you take this basket of food to your grandmother? She isn't very well; Carry the basket carefully for I have filled it with some cakes, some fresh bread and some butter".
  Little Red Riding Hood put on her red cape and, carrying the basket carefully, she set off through the wood to her grandmother's cottage. By and by she wandered off the path to pick some flowers. Then, quite unexpectedly, she met a wolf. He could have eaten her there and then, but he could hear some woodcutters working close by.
  "Where are you going, little girl?" he asked instead.
  "I'm going to my grandmother", Little Red Riding Hood answered. "She is ill and I have a basket of food for her".
  "And where does your grandmother live?" asked the wolf, thinking if he was clever he might be able to eat the little girl and her grandmother.
  "Through the wood and hers is the first cottage you can see", replied Little Red Riding Hood. She went on slowly through the wood, stopping here and there to add some more flowers to the bunch she was holding. The wolf watched her go and then he ran through the trees to the grandmother's cottage.
  He knocked at the door.
  "Who is there?" he heard the old lady call.
  Making his voice sound as much like Little Red Riding Hood's as he could, the wicked wolf answered, "It's me, Grandmother. It's Little Red Riding Hood with some presents for you".
  "Pull the bobbin and the latch will go up", called the old lady from her bed.
  The wolf pulled the bobbin, the latch went up, and he bounded into the room. In a trice he had gobbled up the poor old lady. He put on her shawl and nightcap and got into her bed to wait for Little Red Riding Hood.
  In a while there was a knock at the door.
  Trying to make his voice sound as much like the old lady's as possible, the wolf quavered, "Who is there?"
  "It's me, Little Red Riding Hood", answered the girl. "I have brought -you some food from my mother".
  "Pull the bobbin and the latch will go up", called the wolf.
  The voice sounded rather gruff to Little Red Riding Hood. She thought her grandmother must have a sore throat. The wolf tugged the bedclothes up under his chin as Little Red Riding Hood pulled the bobbin and walked into the cottage.
  Although she saw someone in the bed wearing a shawl and nightcap Little Red Riding Hood was rather puzzled. Her grand mother seemed quite different.
  "What big eyes you have, Grandmother!" she said.
  "All the better to see you with!" said the wolf.
  "What big ears you have, Grandmother!"
  "All the better to hear you with!" said the wolf.
  "What big teeth you have, Grandmother!"
  "All the better to eat you with!" said the wolf and he sprang out of bed.
  Little Red Riding Hood screamed with fright. Luckily the woodcutters were passing by and heard her screams. They rushed inside and killed the wolf instantly. Out jumped the old lady, alive and well but feeling rather shaken by her adventure. She was delighted to see Little Red Riding Hood and her basket of food.
  Little Red Riding Hood took care never to talk to wolves again, and she always stayed on the path whenever she went through the wood to visit her grandmother.