Amazing place to Visit in Phu Quoc Island to see the Sunset

Ngày:_ 16/01/2019  
Shri Beach Bar - Places you should Visit in Phu Quoc island Vietnam. 
Shri Phu Quoc Restaurant. 
If you like to Sunbathing on the beach and here you and your Love one will enjoy the sun, the views and the sunsets to the full, which includes signature dishes such as : BBQ pork ribs served with saffron rice, roasted garlic and green vegetables or choose a juicy grilled beef tenderloin with chimichurri sauce. Steamed Mix Rolls, Shiso Leaf Wrapped Fish Spring Roll; KIMCHICKEN, THE SHELL; Lamb Grill. ...etc..

Come and enjoy the lunch at Shri, we always make sure you get the best.
Contact Mr. The Anh for booking your free Sunbed at Shri Restaurant Bakeo Beach nearby Ngoc Hien Pearl

By following number: +84 0907.019.372. 
Atn: this contact will help you Save 10% on the bill of foods and Drinks.