Orville And Wilbur Wright.


Have you ever watched a bird flying gracefully through the air and wished that you could do the same?
  Some years ago two American boys dreamed of flying, too. Today because of their hard work, you can fly much faster and farther than any bird in a machine much heavier than air. This machine is called an aeroplane.
  Wilbur and Orville Wright had always wanted to fly. As children they loved the old story about a Greek boy, Icarus, who flew with wings that were held to his arms by wax. But, so the story goes, he flew so high that the wax melted in the heat of the sun. His wings fell off and he dropped into the sea.
  "What we need to fly are wings with a machine," said Wilbur. And so the young Orville Wright brothers began to think about how they could build an aeroplane. They owned a bicycle shop. All the money they made from selling and mending bicycles was used in trying to build aeroplanes.
  In 1896 a german man named Otto Lilienthal was killed while gliding in the air. He had hand-made wings tied to his body. The wind lifted him off the ground all right. Then it became stronger and suddenly caught his light wings, returning them over, and he fell to his death.

  When the Wright brothers heard of this, they made a glider, too. But instead of using their own bodies to keep it straight, they thought of a way to make the wings move from side to side when they turned. Next they added a small engine. In 1903 Orville flew their first aeroplane at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. He stayed up in the air for almost a minute!
  Very few people were there to watch him fly. So the world could not believe that it was really true. But that did not stop Orville and Wilbur. They kept on working.
  They found out how to make the machine turn easily. And they build better safer flying machine. By 1908, just five years later, they were able to fly their aeroplane for two and half hours at a time.
  The United States Army paid them a great deal of money to build planes. They also took their aeroplanes to Europe to show how they could fly.
  Aeroplanes are much larger and faster now, but the work of Wrights was the beginning of a wonderful way to travel, flying through the air.