Những bài Luyện đọc Tiếng Anh cho người mới bắt đầu - phần 8


27. A New Name. (Cái tên mới)

Herman didn't like his first name. He had never liked it. He wanted to change it. He asked his mother. She said it was too late to change his name. She said he could use his middle name. She would call him by his middle name. She asked him if that was okay. Herman said yes. "From now on," he said, "please call me by my middle name. From now on, please call me Adam". His mother said that was no problem. "Goodbye, Herman," she said, "and hello, Adam". When Adam's father came home from work, Adam's mom said, "Guess what? We have a new son."

28. Chicken Soup. (Soup gà)

William looked at his bowl of soup. It was chicken soup. There was white rice in the soup. William liked rice. There were pieces of chicken in the soup. William loved chicken. The pieces of chicken were white. They were small and square. They weren't big and round. There were pieces of orange carrots in the soup. William didn't like carrots. He picked up a piece of carrot with his fingers. He put it on the table next to his bowl. He took all the pieces of carrots out of the bowl. He put them all on the table. Then he ate his soup.

29. Dear God. (Chúa nhân từ)
Peggy went to church every Sunday. She loved to go to church. At church she was with her family and friends. At church she was with the saints. She was with the angels. And most of all, Peggy was with God. She always talked to God in church. She always asked God to stop war. She asked God to stop hate. She asked God to stop sickness. But war and hate and sickness did not stop. There were war and hate and sickness every day. "Mommy, why doesn't God stop war and hate and sickness?" Peggy asked. "God will," her mom said, "when more people ask."

30. Yellow Corn. (Ngô Vàng)
Brian sat down for dinner. He sat down in the chair. He sat down at the table. He looked at his white plate. He looked at his silver fork. He looked at his silver spoon. His dad said, "Pass me your plate, Brian". His dad put white rice on the plate. His dad put yellow corn on the plate. His dad put green peas on the plate. He gave the plate back to Brian. "This looks delicious," Brian said. "It is delicious," his dad said. Brian wondered why corn was yellow. He wondered why peas were green. He wondered if there were yellow peas and green corn.