Luyện Đọc Tiếng Anh -6


19. A New Car. (Xe mới)

Mark bought a new car last week. He is happy with his new car. He got a good deal on his new car. It was on sale. His new car is green. The four tires are black. His new car has four doors. It has one trunk. The spare tire is in the trunk. All new cars have a spare tire. His new car has one hood. The engine is under the hood. All new cars have an engine. His new car has two big seats. One seat is in the front. One seat is in the back. Mark sits in the front seat when he drives his new car. He always buckles his seat belt.

20. Birthday Card. (Thiệp Sinh nhật)

Dora wanted to buy a card for her mother. Her mother's birthday was next week. Dora loved her mom. She wanted to get a nice birthday card. She wanted a card that was pretty. She wanted a card that said the right thing. What was the right thing? The card must say, "I love you, Mom". It must say, "Mom, you are the best mother in the world". It must say, "I'm so happy that you are my Mom". Those are all the right things for the card to say. But there was one more thing the card must say. It must say, "Happy Birthday!"

21. Chocolate Milk. (Sữa Sô cô la)
James took the milk out of the refrigerator. He put the carton of milk on the counter. He took the cap off the carton of milk. He opened the kitchen cabinet. He took a glass out of the cabinet. He put the glass on the counter next to the milk. He poured some milk into the glass. He put the cap back on the carton of milk. He put the milk back into the refrigerator. He took the chocolate syrup out of the refrigerator. He poured some chocolate syrup into the glass of milk. He stirred the milk with a spoon. He licked the spoon.

22. A Summer Job. (Một công việc trong hè)

Maria is 18. She will go to college in September. She will be a college student in September. But right now it is summer time. It is June. Maria needs a job. She needs money for college. She needs money to buy books for college. She wants a job. Maria went to a restaurant. "Can I have a job?" she asked. The restaurant manager said, "I'm sorry. I don't need anyone right now". Maria went to a book store. "Will you give me a job?" she asked. The book store manager said, "I'm sorry. I don't need new workers right now."